Terragen 3.3

Terragen is a program for rendering and animating natural environments
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Terragen is a complex program that enables you to create diverse, and highly realistic natural environments. Bear in mind, however, that this is not a game, but a complex program, which suits best for professionals, rather than novices.

With its help you can choose the terrain, atmosphere, lighting, as well as the objects, and even the shades that you want to include as background for the simulations in your projects. Thus, you can create any type of natural environment you want. With the help of the 'Atmospherics' option, the program further enables you to create real-life skies, by adding clouds or by adjusting the sun angle. Moreover, the lighting option allows you to adjust the naturalistic illumination according to your convenience.

You will also be able to adjust the terrain, either by loading existing height-fields, in order to replicate real-world terrains, or by leveraging the program's powerful, built-in procedural functions to achieve global-scale terrains. If you wish to add life to your scenes, you can introduce houses, trees, custom-designed rocks, or any other object. Ultimately, the Animation module allows you to virtually animate every object in a project. This component also enables you to render realistic fly-throughs, so as to confer an additional realistic flavor to the worlds you are creating.

To conclude with, Terragen reveals itself as an effective and highly complex design instrument, which will empower you to simulate impressive and highly realistic environments.

Alice Blest
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  • Complex
  • Numerous features and design options
  • High processing power


  • Not user-friendly
  • Best-suited for professionals
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